Monday, March 9, 2009

Literature Mini-Posters

We're really proud of these!

With the help of our friends in the Teacher's Discovery-English Division, we found this great artist to make a series of 8 mini-posters. Each poster is filled to the brim with surprising facts about famous--and not so famous--authors, and the images to go along with those facts are just awesome.

We mention Poe, Twain, Salinger, Alcott, Dickinson, King, Whitman, Morrison, Plath, Hemingway. . .the list goes on forever!

People around here have called the pictures "old style," "modern," "cutting edge," "retro," and "wow." We didn't know "wow" was an adjective, but we think it means the pictures look pretty good.

We hope you'll agree!


Shaina said...

These look brilliant! I really would be interested in reading the posters before I purhcased them. Is there any place I can do this? Enlarging the photo does not seem to make it readable.

Teacher's Brunch said...

Thanks for asking.

Try the images you get through the product pages here:

If those aren't big enough, I'd be happy to send you the text files so you can read them. Email me at teachersbrunch at teachersdiscovery dot com.

Green Land said...
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