Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Should We Make Next?

Regards and salutations from Final Four-obsessed Auburn Hills, MI, just a jaunt down the highway from Detroit, home of men's college basketball's championship this weekend.

We had a product development meeting today--one of the many steps of the process that eventually results in the creation of great stuff we hope helps you in the classroom.

After the meeting, we were sitting in the TB HQ office thinking about some of the ideas that were floated around, and we thought it might be great to turn the process over to you, dear readers.

So. What can we make for you, English teacher? Science teacher? Social Studies teacher? Spanish teacher? French teacher? German teacher?

What do you need? How can we help?

Feel free to drop a line in the comments section, or email teachersbrunch at teachersdiscovery dot com.

Keep doing all the wonderful things you're doing!


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to have posters made for the several Spanish-speaking athletes that participate in many professional sports these days? Manu Ginobili, Lorena Ochoa, Rafa Nadal are just to name a few...:)

Teacher's Brunch said...

I've been assured by our folks in the FL poster department that these are on the way. They promised! Feel free to beam an email and we'll get you in touch with them.

Anonymous said...

We have been looking for a more recent video on the Chateaux de la Loire. Most are older than our students!

La Maestra said...

I'd love to see a poster of Spanish "praise words" like one I've seen in English... Que bueno, Bien hecho, Maravilloso, etc.
Also, I could really use an up-to-date video to show my K-5 classes when I need a sub, with worksheets. I currently have "El Espanol Vale la Pena" and "Espana es...", and the kids think they're BORING!

Teacher's Brunch said...

We have a series of new videos; Countries Around the World, with two young hosts exploring a several different countries. They each have an activity packet for upper elementary/middle school levels. We also carry a brand called Families of... that are also geared toward young elementary and middle school.

Let us know what you think!

Anonymous said...

I teach high school Summer School US History, both semesters. Do you have any materials available?

Teacher's Brunch said...

We have lots of great U.S. History stuff.

Drop a line to teachersbrunch@teachersdiscovery.com and let us know what kind of stuff you're looking for, and we'll find a good match.

Or, check out our home company website: www.teachersdiscovery.com