Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got a favorite Shakespeare quote? Share it here!

We here at TB HQ in sunny (finally!) Auburn Hills, MI are elbows-deep in Shakespeare, and not just because Jason's 20-page paper for his class at Wayne State University is due next week, but because we're working on a poster set featuring favorite and surprising quotes from the Bard's tragedies, histories, and comedies.

So if you've got one that you love--or your students love--share it here, and we'll try to get it on the poster.

Because if a little Bardolatry is a good thing, then a lot of it is crazy good!

5/29/09 Update:

Just a little taste of what these will include, here's some, we think, interesting web pages that your students may some day stumble upon:

The Most Lamentable Life and Tragical Death of Bob

The Second Part of Good King George (2 George)

The Charming Twins of Dorchester

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