Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Michigan Sports Post On An Education Blog?!

That's right. A sports post.

We here at TB HQ in cold and soggy Auburn Hills, MI are very proud of the "MI" that always accompanies "Auburn Hills," and though Southeast Michigan--in particular Detroit--has been taking its lumps lately, I defy you to find a better sports area in all of the United States.

Our state has all four major professional sports--and often has minor ones, too; we've got two major universities that each usually excel in at least one sport, often more; we recently played host to a Superbowl, a Final Four, the Stanley Cup playoffs, a World Series, and WNBA Championships. For amateurs, we are surrounded by water, and our state is criss-crossed by trails.

We have nearly new venues for our football and baseball teams, a great place for the basketball teams, and a classic arena for our hockey team.

Sure, other states have better individual teams (unless you're talking hockey, or women's basketball), but where else is the total package better?

So, you think your state is a better sports state? Feel free to defend your piddly little home in the comments.

So why sports on this education blog? Because we agree with Robin Williams's character from "Dead Poets Society," that sports are just an excuse to make other people push you to excel. And because, like it or not, sports are important to many of our students, just like games like D&D (see yesterday's post) are important to others.

So if it's important to your students, and it's important to you, it's important to us. Including sports.

So we here at TB HQ say "Go, Red Wings," "Go, Pistons," "C'mon, Tigers," "Well Done, Spartans," "Maybe that will help the offensive line, Lions," and "Godspeed, Bird."

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