Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Essay Prompt Book

We're pretty excited about our new book "11 ESSAY TYPES AND 50 PHOTO PROMPTS."

It's the first real book to come from the Teacher's Brunch office, but more than that, the book is a great tool for teachers and students alike.

The book defines the eleven most-common forms of essays and provides an example for each type. Those samples are all based on the same picture, proving that any time of essay can be inspired by any picture prompt.

The book also contains an additional 50 images that students can use to inspire their writing.

There's nothing scarier than a blank page and a blinking cursor at the top of it. Hopefully our book helps your students fill those pages.

(By the way--any class with a writing component could use this book. There's no rule insisting the essays be written in English, Foreign Language teachers!)

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