Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two New Posters for English Classrooms

Stephanie, who is getting married this weekend, managed to stop thinking about dress alterations, family-style dinners, and chair covers long enough to put the finishing touches on these two posters for English teachers.

Not only is it impressive that she kept her wits about her given the upcoming nuptials, these were her first poster projects, and they are awesome!

The piece above is our 100 Misspelled Words poster. Put this on the wall and your students will always get those tough-to-master words correct.

The second poster is for Commonly Misused Words. Is it correct to use affect, or effect? Are your students' allusions all too often illusions?

Place both of these posters on the wall at the beginning of the year, and let them serve as gentle reminders right through to standardized tests.

And a big Teacher's Brunch "congratulations" to Stephanie and her fiance, special education teacher Brandon.

[insert "pitter-patter of little feet" joke here]

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