Friday, July 17, 2009

Who Listens To These Guys?

All of us here at Teacher's Brunch HQ in cool-for-the-season Auburn Hills, MI are getting ready to go to an art exposition this morning, so before we take off, we thought we'd just post a nice, innocent, political post.

Specifically, we were wondering if all the reels and reels of audio and video generated by the talking head culture of politics might have some value in the classroom.

We've highlighted Ed Shultz and Rush Limbaugh (appropriately on the left and right of our post-opening image, respectively), but there are loads of similar folks on the airwaves.

Thinking of their use in the classroom, it might be neat to compare coverage of a major political event--studying time given, or language used perhaps. Maybe an analysis of the types of callers who make it through would be an interesting way to look at this type of media. How about "Time Talking" compared to "Time Advertising?"

So we'll open up the comments if you'd like to describe how you already use the megaphoners out there in your classroom. Or maybe we're off base, and all that hot air just makes your school's air conditioning work too hard?

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