Thursday, January 21, 2010

Potpourri of Poe

We have two bits of Poe news to pass-on today.

The first is some good news, passed-on to us by Sandy in the Teacher's Discovery English division.

A "new" watercolor showing Edgar (we can call him that because we're buddies) far brighter than the usual image we get of the famous writer is going on auction.

It's reassuring to know that Edgar didn't spend all his time pining after his lost Lenore.

In more ominous news, the Poe Toaster, who for so long has left roses and booze at Poe's gravesite to honor the writer's birthday, was MIA this year. Speculation abounds as to what may have happened.

We here at Teacher's Brunch HQ hope the Toaster is alive and well, and if his or her mission is officially over, express our thanks for giving us something to talk about every January 19th.

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