Monday, January 11, 2010

Toothpick Bridge Winner Announced

Super duper congratulations to Mrs. Wycoff’s fifth grade science class from A.L. Price Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas! They were selected as the winners of the First Teacher's Discovery Toothpick Bridge Building Contest.

The students' entry was chosen from more than 500 entries by high school, middle school, and elementary students.

For their efforts, Mrs. Wycoff's class can now select $500 worth of science supplies from Teacher's Discovery.

The contest was advertised in our catalog--$15 got the teacher and students an unlimited supply of toothpicks and glue. Run out mid-contest? We sent out more, free of charge.

Nick, our Science Division guru, says that because of the impressive interest in the contest, he's running it again in our Spring catalog, due to hit teacher's mailboxes everywhere in the next month or so.

If you would like to request a catalog, just to be sure you can be in the running for the next contest, drop us a line here.

Now, we're not sure if we're authorized to say anything until the catalog hits the street, but since we're the only ones with the blog password, we'll say this:

The next contest's prize is fully $1,000 in supplies.

That's a lot of toothpicks.

Good luck to future entrants, and congrats again to Mrs. Wycoff and her kids.

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